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Alum Stone – a practical and multifunctional product


Alum stone is a kind of salt which looks like a white, translucent crystal. It’s odorless and can be found  either as a rough stone or a polished hunk. It can be used in this form or it can be grinded and transformed in powder. This mineral is known for its beneficial qualities. It is a cheap product from which you can take a lot of benefits because it has many uses.


– Antiseptic: it inhibits the growth of bacteria/fungi which develop bad odors

– Haemostatic and healing: it stops the bleeding (especially small cuts)

– Astringency: it closes large pores and reduces perspiration without irritating sensitive skinRead More

– Hypoallergenic: ideal for sensitive skin because it has a reduced allergic risk

– Natural: contains no fragrance, preservatives, additives, colorings or alcohol

What uses has the alum stone or powder?

-deodorant: no stains on clothes or dust sensations

-aftershave: it soothes the skin, prevents the appearance of ingrown hairs and stops the bleeding from cuts

-the treatment of acne

-soothing of irritations produced by insects bites

-exfoliating (face peeling)

-antifungal (you wash your legs/hands and powder them with alaun, then you put a pair of socks/gloves on and stay like this for 15-20 min)


Alum stone is water soluble. When wet, it leaves an invisible layer of microparticles (minerals) on the skin. This thin layer prevents the development of bacteria responsible for unpleasant odors (ie, creates an unfavorable environment for bacteria and micro-organisms attracted to the wetlands of our body).



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