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Colored toilet paper – a danger for our health!


Pink, yellow, orange, purple, blue, etc … Today we are trying to bring color in our life by any possible means including when it comes to toilet paper. However, many of us don’t know that it is not advisable to use colored and parfumed toilet paper. Here’s why.  Colored toilet paper contains chemicals such as bleach, dyes and other artificial flavors which endanger human health and contribute to environmental pollution.

Cervical cancer

It is believed that one effect that can be felt among women who use colored toilet paper, specifically the direct contact with the female reproductive organs is represented by the increased risk of cervical cancer.Read More

Rectal problems

Using colored toilet paper can lead to the appearance of inflammation and itching sensation in the rectal area. In addition, we should regularly monitor our dejections and be careful if they contain blood or not. Using a colored toilet paper makes it harder to be observed.

Urinary tract infections

Colorful and scented toilet paper can be very toxic to the vaginal area and is often cited as a cause of urinary tract infections.




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