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Few Know About This. The Health Benefits of Aluminium Foil.

Aluminum paper is used very often but its healing properties are known by very few. Aluminum foil is something that we all have at home and its main usage is for cooking or storing the food. However, it never crossed our mind  that aluminum foil can be used to relieve joint pain or even combat the fatigue.

This may seem incredible, but the aluminum foil has so many uses beyond the kitchen that you will definitely start using it!Read More

The trick is not difficult. The method was inspired by traditional Chinese medicine, then studied by Russian scientists. It is enough to cover the painful area with aluminum foil to make the pain go away. Aluminum paper is an effective anti-inflammatory. Place the foil around the painful area, then secure it with a bandage. This can be applied also if you have lingering pain in the elbow, back, arms, legs and joints.

On the other hand, paper aluminium is also suitable for the removal of the cold in the body. When you feel cold wrap your feet with 5 or 7 pieces of aluminum foil. After each layer of aluminium foil, fold the legs with cotton. Keep this coating for an hour.



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