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Four Ingredients that Poison your Brain Daily


Our current lifestyle is not an ally for the health. From the environment that surrounds us to the food we eat every day, everything seems to poison us little by little. Did you know that  there are certain ingredients that affect brain cells? These not only prevent it from operating at its normal capacity, but can also foster the emergence of serious diseases.

  1. Caffeine in excess

We must not give up coffee, just  not overdo drinking it. Caffeine has many benefits, but remember that this ingredient is not found only in coffee, but also in certain aliments like teas, chocolate, cocoa, refreshing juices and energy drinks. Studies show that caffeine in excess can cause sleep disturbances and anxiety, which can become an additional stress factor to the brain.Read More

  1. Artificial Sweeteners

When they first appeared on the market, artificial sweeteners have been seen as a miracle fallen from the sky. Many people have enjoyed such products, but now the negative effects on the brain began to emerge. For example, aspartame is a very dangerous artificial sweetener which is found in more than 6000 products. Once its effects were discovered, the producers try to use other sugar substitutes.

  1. Refined sugar

Refined sugar decreases cognitive performance, memory and affects the hormonal activity. This ingredient is associated with inflammations of the body, especially those of the digestive tract. Also, refined sugar represents a risk for developing chronic depression and schizophrenia.

  1. Fluoride

Another dangerous ingredient known for being poisonous to the brain is fluoride. It is found in both drinking water and toothpaste, so it’s pretty hard to be avoided in everyday life. Studies in the field have revealed that fluoride lowers IQ, especially among children. Therefore it is advisable to consume water without fluoride or buy a special filter. Also, you should look for those  toothpastes that do not have this dangerous ingredient in their composition.

It is not easy to completely eliminate these harmful ingredients in your life but it is important at least trying to monitor their consumption. You’ll feel much better after you take the necessary steps in this regard.

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