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How to Efficiently Clean your Ears at Home


The human ear houses some of the most fragile structures of the human body, and that’s why it requires a proper care. Despite this, most of us start to pay more attention to the ears only when we feel that something is wrong with them.  One of the most frequent troubles that can appear is the excess of wax. The wax can cause discomfort and also can obstruct the ear canal. If you do not take action, the symptoms may get worse and you can temporary lose your hearing.

The ear wax is also called cerumen and can be easily removed at home. There are various solutions which dissolve cerumen such as hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, glycerine, oil, etc. They are effective especially if the wax plug didn’t completely occupt the duct lumen.Read More

The use of hydrogen peroxide

-the hydrogen peroxide can be used to remove the cerumen from the ear through the application of 3-4 drops into each ear;

– fill a syringe with warm water and gently insert the running water in each ear

– make sure the pressure is not too high, otherwise you can damage the ear

-lean your head outward in order to allow the water to drain from the ear

– insert a swab soaked in a small amount of alcohol in each ear;

-tilt your head

-the ear canal should be dry and the wax should be removed easily

Very important! Do not clean your ears with cotton swabs! ENT specialists tell us that the best way to keep our ears clean and without wax consists in cleaning the external part of the ear. Our ears have a self-cleaning capacity. Wax is usually eliminated from ear “without help” from outside. Cotton swabs can push wax further into the ear canal, causing its obstruction.



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